The End

Waiting at the airport for my flight back to Brisbane so no more travel tales for this year. It has been a great trip. Thank you to Anna and Jalil for organising it and for the great accommodation and company. 


Hong Kong Disneyland

I am thrill seekered out after a great day at Disneyland. We left the hotel at 10 am and got back at 9 pm so it really was a big day out. We went on heaps of rides, saw some great shows, saw the parade and fireworks and yes, have the t-shirts to prove it. Disney sure knows how to put on a show. It is a great theme park, not too big so walking between attractions doesn’t take too long and it wasn’t crowded so no long waits for anything. My favourites – Space Mountain, the Mystic Castle and It’s a Small World.

Ready to go

You can see the look of sheer joy on Cyn’s and my faces
Brought backchildhood memories
The Lion King

Home will seem tame.

A big day in Lan Tau

It has been a big day – big cable car trip up a big mountain, big Buddha, big and fast bus drive down the mountain, big waves in a little boat. Have seen some amazing things and have the souvenirs to prove it – even the t-shirt.

Last night we spent up big at the outlet shops – extra 20% off at Ralph Lauren if one bought 4 items so it was a no brainer. I also bought a pair of Rockport shoes which I have worn all day and my feet are humming as opposed to screaming. The Ralph Lauren socks may have helped and no, socks didn’t count towards the 4 items.

Anna has just arrived at my door ready for dinner – she wants to wear all her new clothes in one go.

Pity about the shoes

We are going to the hotel’s Chinese restaurant for dinner.

I thought a photo before the table gets messy
Need a cut lunch walking down the corridor to our room
Just another bridge being built across a huge expanse of water
Fishing village
Jalil and I hoping for new day jobs
Anna saved this cow from eating a plastic bag while the crowd just watched on and laughed

This is a fantastic hotel. Am experiencing the best of the Marriott chain around the world. Thank you Anna.

Hong Kong Day 6

Being the sensible one of the family I am back in my hotel while others who shall remain nameless don’t know when to call it a night. We have all overeaten at a fantastic restaurant on the harbour – for Anna’s birthday – very smart of her to book a birthday dinner 3 days before the actual birthday because of course we shall have to have another one on the 10th. I don’t think I will need to eat before then anyway having made a big effort at trying a bit of everything at tonight’s buffet.

I went on the biggest roller coaster I have ever been on today at Pcean Park – only went to see the pandas really but once again( as per the buffet) one likes to get one’s money’s worth. Lots of fun and the pandas were great – such beautiful animals. Jalil reckons one of the roller coasters was the best he has ever been on which is a big call for a rollercoaster aficionado. 


Cable car up to the summit at Ocean Park
I don’t even like Coke but I was very thirsty and it came with lunch and not going to admit what that was – suffice to say no greens
So gorgeous
I think Anna and Jalil are in the front
Part of the seafood selection
Dessert section
Pre dinner – CB, NB, GB, BB – you figure it out

Cable car or the steps?

Hong Kong Day 5

Another day of amazing sights, sounds and smells. I had a day exploring – Hollywood road with antique shops, Soho with bars and restaurants, bird markets, flower markets and finished the day with dim sum( as per itinerary) at the Temple street night markets.  I tried to find the goldfish markets but only succeeded in finding 2 shops selling goldfish with 3 very contented looking cats in one of them. I imagine for a cat that could be a happy or very frustrating life depending on whether you get to try the stock or not.

Flower markets were incredible – rows of shops selling every flower and plant imaginable. Even tulips from Holland – I saw them unpacking the boxes. 

Our Dim sum last night was delicious – having had Argentinian, Mexican and even hot dogs at the races some more authentic local cuisine was timely – made even more authentic by the sight of a rat running through one of the kitchens – not the restaurant we chose. I enjoyed it all except the pork liver had a texture which I couldn’t cope with. 

We also visited Harbourside shopping centre – 440 exclusive shops – a whole floor devoted to kids’ designer clothing, toys, prams etc. I tried on a $2780 dress just for the fun of it – decided it didn’t quite suit. Caught the end of the famous harbour lights show and hopefully will see the whole thing tonight – pretty spectacular.

Finally – some dim sum
More night time harbour views
Shop selling motorbike helmets a bit incongruous amongst the flower markets
Aptly named business to be located amongst all those flowers
Great street art
All roses along the back wall
These were a couple of very chatty birds

Hong Kong Day 4

Feeling rich this morning after a winning night at the races. Anna, Sandy and I all came out ahead. Happy Valley race course is amazing. We took taxis there – one took Anna, Jalil and me the long way round so we left before Sandy and Cyn, got there after and paid twice as much. We realised when coming home, it was quicker to walk. There was a huge crowd at the races and an amazing track. Putting a bet on was very easy – just more long queues.

I explored the local area earlier in the day. There was a Sotheby’s auction in the exhibition centre next door. Only $5 million HK dollars for a Ming plate. I stood very still while watching.

Walking home
Huge highrise apartments behind the track – they would have an amazing view on racenights
The race crowd
Front of the racecourse
Cartoon characters on the wharf

Hong Kong Day 3

Is it Day 3 – I have lost track of time. We did the Peak today – only a half hour wait in the queue which Anna and Jalil did while Sandy, Cyn and I explored an amazing aviary. Sandy noticed the remarkable lack of birdshit on the elevated pathway and railings and sure enough – birds don’t shit in Hong Kong. Actually the paths are hygienic ally cleaned 4 times per day – it could almost be the most stress free job in the world keeping those paths clean. Some beautiful birds though.

The train ride up the peak was well worth the wait and amazing views from the top. Anna and Jalil walked back down but the elders waited in the queue again and amazingly found our way back to the hotel without difficulty. We all now have Octopus cards or is it Oyster – no that’s London, so can tube cheaply.

The Ladies markets last night were a much noisier and smellier version of the Stanley markets. We ate Thai which was very good and great wonton soup and noodles for lunch today. The area around the markets was amazing – so much light and colour, it was like daylight in the streets.

Very high
I don’t think they will pick us for tourists
Waiting in line
Feast for birds
Handy having Rosses in the group as they are always easy to see above everyone else
This was going to be my pre bedtime treat – thouggt it was a lolly of some kind – actually a sausage. Just doesn’t work with green tea.😥